Why do we have a tendency to hold on to the past? Why do we continue to let the most painful experiences in our lives not only influence, but control our future? We continue to give the pain power. We keep cords of energy tied to the people that hurt us. We even let these terrible experiences become part of our identity.

What would life look like if we were able to let go of the past, shed the stories that we carry with us and move forward in a way that is untethered to the pain?

•••• I will tell you, It feels fucking amazing, you feel you can break free from what’s holding you back and your outlook on life is LIT UP•••

If you want to create, experience, or change anything you must start from within, on an honest, energetic soul level… The work you put into taking the bandages off and really dealing with your past is super hard and it can creep back in, but, NOW it’s just how you recover from it when it shows up in your life and doing this magic work sets your soul on FIRRRREEEEE!

I’m going to be very transparent here, yesterday I was able to work with my coach on this very subject and she was able to help me rewrite the story that I have been creating in my head. That my work is never done in this area I just have better tools in my toolbox to handle situations that pop-up…

It was just what I needed to get re-aligned with my mission and purpose to help women in this very situation!

I have done massive work in this area and if any of this resonates with you and you’d like to talk about how to break this cycle so you can truly live YOUR life on FIRE, FREEING yourself from the strings of your past that hold you back … It is time to take massive action and I am here to support you ❤️

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