I have an EPIC ANNOUNCEMENT, EEEK I am on Cloud 9 right now!

BUT FIRST I want to share with you a little story of how I came to HERE and NOW!


I finally woke up to see i was remaining stalled by past tragedies, dreams pushed aside, and made excuses for every time I didn’t believe in ME enough to change MY own life and ultimately MY future.

When I went through a very raw period of my life when I was working in X Ray at a small hospital. I remember like it was yesterday reading all the lies people were saying about me 40 pages to be exact… These were words from people that I thought were my friends, co-workers, the people who I would walk through fire to help. The tears running down my face, of is this really how they felt about me? my work? who I was a person? The anger and betrayal set in, and most of all- the destruction of my career.

I didn’t know what I was doing, where I was going, or why I was doing anything at this point…

Hiding for months after this, not talking to anyone other than my family was the only way I knew how to survive. I was afraid, ashamed & Depression set in, I was alone, know one knew exactly how this shook me to the core except me. I was angry at the world for this. I felt my job/career defined me as a person. I worked VERY hard to get where I was in my career & was taken away by other people’s Jealousy of my work was gone in a minute… I was a go getter, worked very hard put in above and beyond my time and tried to make everyone else happy. All the while believing my own negative self talk then having words written about me reading the negative talk about YOU reaffirms that negative talk I have told I was TRUE… RIGHT???

I call BULLSHIT on this…

A few things I learned from this situation is:
First of all YOUR career should NEVER Define you as a person, It should NEVER come before your family & most of all STAY TRUE to who you are no matter what. I had to take a really hard look at myself and maybe what I could learn from this situation. It was time to change ME

You will never change unless you find the COURAGE and the WILL and the resolve to change YOURSELF. You will never do any of those things if you aren’t willing to let people be inconvenienced by your journey.

I tell this story, not because i want to bash anyone but to share that if anyone is or has gone through a situation like this to call BULLSHIT on it, step into WHO your were MADE to BE!

NOW here I am Launching a my VERY own PODCAST, I have a successful Life Coaching Business, I have a TEAM who support me fearlessly, I LOVE MYSELF inside and out, & most of all my FAMILY is happy Healthy..
I am Present of perfect… I am I ready to work with Women who are ready to Call BULLSHIT on the Stories of their PAST ..

Lets break these ties that bind us to our past- For more on this topic check out my latest interview with Rebecca Undem and how I share my story of how I overcame this tragic part of my life and show how I STOP remaining stalled by past tragedies, and How I overcame the excuses for every time I didn’t believe in ME enough to change MY own life and ultimately MY future.
I am so honored to be able to share this with you and I hope this can show whoever no matter WHAT YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO RISE ABOVE <3 CLICK THE LINK BELOW www.rebeccaundem.com/episode16