In order to talk about meditation and its benefits, we have to enter into a space that is separate from the material world, separate from the stress of money, drama, work, etc. and tune into a higher vibration. We can’t focus on personal healing and development if we’re hyper-focused on worldly problems. In fact, our worldly problems are frequently caused by a lack of inner-work.

Meditation can be used to change mindsets, remove mental blocks, improve overall mood, heal anxiety and anxiety-induced physical issues (acne, aches, poor sleep, unhealthy eating habits, I could go on forever), and so much more. In fact, meditation, or “Mindfulness Based Stress-Reduction”, is actually used as a form of therapy for some patients with chronic diseases. Meditation can open up a huge amount of space for stress control and relaxation that you may not have known existed.

Apart from being extremely physically and mentally beneficial, meditation, most commonly, is known for its spiritual benefits. It was first used as a way to connect to a higher being, but later was practiced as a means to realizing one’s interrelatedness with all things. Our consciousness yearns to be explored and nurtured, and the beautiful outcome of daily meditation only improves aspects of our lives that are needing help.

So how do we go about beginning this ancient practice? You’ll want to begin with comfort. Find a space in your home or outside that you feel 100% safe and calm in. This part is VITAL to your meditation experience. Next, set some intentions for your meditation. Do you want to breathe out stress and inhale clarity? Do you want to explore a limiting belief that’s holding you back from something significant? Do you want to free your mind of pain that you’ve been needlessly holding onto? Decide for yourself what your intentions are and then target them through breath and peaceful mindfulness.

Personally, I like to put on a low-volume meditation mix of slow music that helps me center myself. I’ll then get into a comfortable position on the ground and do some belly breathing. With this belly breathing, I will breathe in for 8 seconds, hold my breath for 5, then exhale for 8 seconds. I do this until I feel absolute clarity. I then sit for as long as I need, until I feel minimal stress.

Meditation can be a 10 minute to 2 hour daily practice- its all about what YOU are comfortable and content with! Your healing and personal development should be done completely on your terms. If you’d like to explore more of this topic with me or even create a personal meditation guide, I’d love for you to email me! Your life only goes up from here love, its time to take the initiative to create something beautiful and amazing for yourself!