How many times have you broken out in a rash or acne or dryness from a makeup or skincare product? The frustrating process of trying to find that perfect combination of products to keep your skin’s health in the best shape possible while also using the makeup and skincare that makes you feel GOOD about yourself has been a long and grueling journey for so many. For myself, I have fought ridiculously with my dry skin, sun patches, random breakouts, my eyes watering all the time, and some skin irritations, & had strange discoloration on my face & skin. I just played it off with having sensitive skin my whole life. Until I started to pay attention more to ingredients in the products I was using!

I started with my hair care because I was having so many issues with my hair and my stylist had me switch to paraben free, synthetic free, fragrance free, & phthalates free. Most of these chemicals disrupt our endocrine system when it is the powerhouse for thyroid, pituitary gland, reproductive glands, and so on. Non-regulated chemicals are used in SO many mainstream brands and the potential harm of these products is absolutely not talked about enough. Using toxic chemicals on our face and eyes, the most delicate parts of our body, can be harmful in the long run, causing an insane amount of issues to men and women everywhere and costing them more money to fix what has been mistreated.

Spreading awareness for clean beauty is so very important to me because I have always strived to learn more and take better care of the inside of my body, but there isn’t enough education out there about taking care is the outside of my body they way that it deserved! I thought that spending a ton of money on expensive makeup and skincare meant that I was buying good products- but I was SO wrong. Some of my daily products literally had melted glass as an ingredient. There are even chemicals in shampoos, cleansers, and body washes that include hormone disrupters that mess with your body’s natural hormones. It made my heart hurt so bad as I thought about all of the people that are being taken advantage of by toxic beauty companies that only care about the money and not about the consumers.

I have been working with my clients on this very subject on cleaning up their hair and skin care so when Beautycounter was introduced to me it was the perfect alignment to share my passion for looking beyond nutrition and help women and men see the products they are using daily could be harming their health and overtime with these toxins could lead to cancers, serious skin concerns, + other health issues.