Have you ever experienced an identity crisis? Have you ever been stuck in a job that you feel like you are not destined to do? What is it that actually lites you up and sets your soul on fire? That is the thing you should be doing! Get off that hamster wheel and take the leap.

Sometimes you may feel like something is just not right, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Is this really it for me? Is this really what I am going to be doing the rest of my life?

If you ever find yourself asking these questions, maybe it is time to take a new direction. My good friend and life coach, Rebecca Undem, loves to help women find what sets their soul on fire and figure out what really lites them up.

Rebecca has been in these shoes. She found herself unhappy riding the hamster wheel day in and day out, until she realized that she really just needed to make a change. The weight of someone else expectations took a toll on her body, and something clicked with her that she just needed to be self-employed where she didn’t have to answer to anyone else, she didn’t have to meet someone else expectations, and she didn’t have the weight of someone looking over her shoulder.

Sometimes the ONE thing you need to do is set boundaries. If you are a people pleaser, you need to set boundaries for yourself. Boundaries in your relationship, with your children, your boss, every aspect of your life….you need boundaries. Step back and listen to yourself. Your body, your womb, your intuition guides to what your body truly needs… Taking ownership of your own intuition is the universes way of giving you the guidance your body, mind, and soul needs.

This is something that I have a specific approach that I teach in my group coaching called Mindful Mindset. This is a 14-day training on how to set boundaries, create the mindful eating plan, create a commitment contract, and so much more… I have gone through some very difficult times that have shaped this group coaching and the primary influence to help others see the way out of these challenging times. This is an approach to create healthy habits for life, not just a fad or a quick fix…

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