It’s an easy concept right, But why is it so hard when you feel you’re being pulled in so many different directions.  Kids, meetings, deadlines, parent teacher conferences, whats for supper, bills, and the list goes on…. Not to mention the washer broke this morning… NOt really but it feels like at any moment it could because what’s one more thing that could go wrong?!?!

I feel ya girl…. I feel right now exactly how you feel. My brain going a thousand miles a minute while thinking to myself, “did I put deodorant on today”? Hahaha

So how do you slow your brain down to focus on what’s important and what you can control, because I guarantee whats swirling in your head right now, is something out of your control.. Am I right???

So how to help this: first of all, take a moment to BREATHE!!!!! Like really deeeeeeep breath and hold it. Close your eyes and let it all out. Do this as many times as you need to slow your body’s nervous system to slow down. We have to tell our bodies to do this or your stress level will be firing at all ends.

Once you do this then take a simple notebook and write it all out, bless, and release it…. 

When I strip away the “shoulds” & the bullshit, what is it that is going on in my life, my body is allowed to breathe in all the sense of the word.. 

So I ask you  What is working for you and what is no longer serving you in your business? Relationship? Life? Day-to-day? 

And MOST IMPORTANTLY……Did I breath today?

All the love and good vibes,